Friday, 10 August 2012

Interior Love :: East Hampton Beach House

Ok peeps, pack your bags.. we're heading to The Hamptons. Yippee!
That side table.. Those vases.. The lamps.. Amazing.
Ok I am officially in love.
Navy + mustard + white. Great combination. Oh those cushion prints.
And look at the fireeeeeeplaceeeee!!!
Marble top benches + white cabinets + black floors + white posies. Yes.
Love the modern touch of these chairs and lamps. 
Ok seriously?! Stop it! Another fireplace and a table for ten. Can't you just see the dinner party taking place?
Matching bedside table lamps and posies. And of course another fireplace. 
And of course.. the outside is just as fabulous.
Look. At. Those. Sun. Lounges.
If you think this house looks a little familiar to you.. it may be that you have seen something similar on the set of the movie, "As Good As It Gets". CLICK HERE, and you can see just why I am slightly obsessed with The Hamptons.

Anyway, thank you so so much for reading today!

nat x

PS: What is your favourite "movie house"?

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