Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pink and gold loveliness.

Guess what?! It's 24 days until Spring!! Yippeeeee!!! And oh my goodness, I think I am getting just tad excited about this! :) The colour that comes to mind and that I am tottttally wanting to dress myself in from head to toe (well maybe just a splash for now) is this stunning fuschia pink! I have a fuschia dress from last season, and also a fuschia silk top which I lurrrve, but I think I may just need a few more items.. :)
Fuschia + faded denim + turquoise nails + gold accessories. Just fabulous.
And this is actually more of a coral, but still beautiful. Again with gold accessories, just stunning with a
pretty white dress.

And below. P
ink top, pink phone, pink nails. Love it. 

Ok the countdown is onnnnn.. Can you feel it in the air! Something new is about to happen. And it isn't a variation on the same old thing. No no! This is NEW, brand-new, something you'd never guess or dream up. Are you excited yet..?!?! :)

What is it you're looking forward to most in this new season?!

nat x

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