Thursday, 30 August 2012

5 Minute Vacation :: Positano, Italy

Ok pack your bags, this weekend we are off to Positano. :) Situated on the Amalfi Coast in Italy's Campania Region, we'll fly into Naples, catch the train to Sorrento, then onto Positano.  Don't you just love this pic above. Ah divine. Poolside dining at it's best.
This is the hotel lounge, serving complimentary refreshments throughout your stay. We'll have breakfast here each morning before heading down to the beach all day. :)
Please note: The Italians KNOW how to do the beach. Please be prepared to have turned into a total beach-babe (or boy) by the time you leave!

On a day of your choice we will charter a yacht and head to the Isle of Capri, where we will have an early lunch before taking a row boat to the famous Blue Grotto.
You'll have some spare time to go for a stroll and get lost in the gorgeous streets and laneways.

This will be the view from your bedroom. Quite impressive isn't it! You can have afternoon tea here and watch the sun set behind the mountain before heading out to dinner.

I adore Italy. It's been twelve years since I was here, but it's still very much in my heart. :) Stay tuned, I will be working on the Italy chapter of my book very soon. In the meantime enjoy these pictures and have a beautiful weekend everyone. :)

Have you been to Italy? If so what was your favourite part?

Happy weekend!

nat x

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