Friday, 3 August 2012

Too excited to sleep!

Remember when you were a little kid and it was the night before your birthday and you were just soooo excited you could hardly contain yourself?! Take a moment to reflect on the feelings of expectancy that used to buzz around in you.. you couldn't get to sleep.. you were tossing and turning.. imagining all the wonderful things that would take place as soon as you woke up.

Sometimes your birthday would fall on a school day, and if you were anything like me, you would have been prepping and reminding your friends for weeks. "It's 2 weeks til my birthday.. 10 days til my birthday.. 3 days til my birthday.. guess what! Tomorrow is my birthday!!!"

And remember how excited you got about cake! My mum made mannnnny a cake from this book. Who remembers this old favourite?! If you've lost your copy never fear you can get one here. :)
And there's something about being told you're going to be given a gift that just makes you feel like a child again. That yippee feeling inside.. which is completely normal can I say! And I think we need to have more of it just quietly! Excitement releases expectancy and expectancy gets our heart ready to receive.

So.. speaking of excitement.. there is something that I am reeeeeeeally excited about today..
After a life-changing conference last weekend, I am attending the second weekend of Beautiful Woman, a women's conference at my church and I am VERRRRY excited about it! I am expecting BIG things and my heart is open and ready!! This is an ad I found online with two little kids soooooo excited about their trip to Disneyland they are TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP. It's so cute! Kind of reflects how I was feeling last night!
God is excited. He sees the desires of our hearts and He has really really good gifts to give us!!! What are you expecting from Him at the moment? Good things? Because this weekend whatever ask in faith, we shall receive!

Tell me.. what are you excited about?!

Happy Friday YAY!!!!

nat x

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