Friday, 6 July 2012

Finding the joy.

I saw this quote by Theodore Roosevelt the other day and I thought it was cool. 
you’ve probably noticed, I love seeing the beauty in everything. And I am training myself to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness, no matter how challenging my circumstances may be. However, as I surround myself with beautiful things that inspire, even the pretty and lovely things I blog about, I am learning that as beautiful as all these things are, they are not really enough be my only source of inspiration. I’ve also been noticing there is a big difference between inspiration and comparison.

is estimating, measuring, or noting the similarity or dissimilarity between different things. It’s basically looking at something or someone, and then looking at what you have, and quickly analysing the two to determine which is better. And the hilarious thing is, we usually do this so quickly that we don’t even notice we do it!

Comparison can only breed two things: insecurity or pride. And both steal true joy. Either we look at someone or something and feel insecure because what we have is not as good.. OR we feel what we have is better, generating feelings of superiority, which I just don’t think is pretty at all.

however, is the process of being mentally stimulated with the urge to do or feel something, usually something creative. It’s a sudden brilliant, creative, or timely idea. (Inspiration is also defined as the drawing in of breath.. cool huh.) Inspiration also creates a feeling of encouragement. Think back to a time when you’ve felt so inspired. I bet you felt encouraged and strengthened at the same time. Like you could take on the world and there was nothing that could stop you.
For me, whenever my feelings of inspiration turn to feelings of inadequacy, leaving me feeling blah, (when 5 minutes prior I was feeling completely filled with JOY), that’s when the warning bells go off. Hello! Stop comparing.There is no one on this earth like you! God has lovingly created each of us with a unique and amazing purpose that no one else can fulfill. You have a fingerprint that no one else has. Nobody else walking this planet has your DNA. You are incredible. A walking miracle. And you are called to bring something to this world that no one else can bring!

Happiness comes from stuff. Joy comes from knowing who we are and who’s we are. So let us of course be inspired by all the pretty things around us.. fashion, beautiful homes,  holidays.. but let them not define our inspiration. True JOY is the only thing that can satisfy.

Happy weekend!

nat x

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  1. Such a good reminder!!! I'm ready to be inspired today! :)


Thanks for your comments. I pray you are encouraged and blessed! Please keep in touch :)

Nat xx

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